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     Joe Blackhurst - Manufacturing and Sales -- Owner of Bee Haven Supply, LLC






    Stacy.pngStacey Neece – Sales and Education

    Stacey Neece served in the United States Air Force for nine years.  She separated as a captain and an Air Force     Weapons Officer in August of 2014.  As a “W13S (whiskey-thirteen-sierra),” Stacey Neece specialized in Space Operations, Weapons and Tactics, Air Operations Centers (AOCs), and as a USAF Weapons School Instructor.  As a wife and mother of four, Stacey separated to settle her family in Scott Depot, West Virginia.  She and her husband, Tony, are focused on raising their family with agricultural experience, improving the pollinators of West Virginia, and helping fellow veterans.






    IMG_1842.JPGMichael A. Hughes – IT

    Mike Hughes served in the Air Force from 1998 to 2000 in the 7th Civil Engineering Squadron in Abilene, TX. A Pavements and Construction Equipment Operator, Mike continued this work for several years after getting out of the military.  Because of his military injury, he then switched to doing security. When an opportunity to go to school came up, Mike studied web design and development. After learning that he enjoyed working with databases, he continued his education and earned his Masters Degree in Information Technology in May 2015. Mike is currently working on freelance projects while looking for a permanent position.