•  We are proud to introduce our Boots to Bees’ Seeds & Bees fundraising program.

    bee-flower.png   With this program, your school or organization has the opportunity to raise funds for your special project while helping save pollinators and providing work for veterans and veterans’ families.

       Our products include pollinator-friendly plant seeds, bee houses, and butterfly houses. The seeds and bulbs will vary with the season but  all are good pollinators.

    Sales campaigns can be run at any time or can be targeted for holidays such as Valentines’ Day, the First Day of Spring, Earth Day, Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day, or Christmas. Fall bulb sales and early winter seed sales are pleasant reminders that spring will be just around the corner.  Booking your fundraiser now will assure we can accommodate your schedule. 

    In addition to meeting your funding needs, the Seeds & Bees program provides the opportunity for your students/members to learn about the challenges facing pollinators and how they can be part of the solution.  We also offer in-person presentations (currently available in limited areas). Please ask for details if you are interested.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or to book your fundraiser: info@bootstobees.org, (304) 506-7181.abc.png


    Bee and art-related educational materials, honeybee hives, and other pollinator-related items are also
    available. Please visit
    our store.

    For more materials by illustrator Delia Wach, look here.


                                                  We hope for the opportunity to help your school/organization
                                                         meet and exceed your fundraising objectiv