• There are over 4,400 species of North American bees and all of them are under attack by a variety of enemies and conditions.
    Now the latest one – the zombie fly – has arrived.


    This program, suitable for children or adults, is an opportunity for your group to learn a great deal of science. This 45-minute to 1-hour program explains just what is happening to our bee and pollinator friends and how important they are to 1/3 of all the things we eat.

    If your schedule allows another 45 minutes, the participants will also learn how to build a simple bumblebee hive for their own backyards.

    Please contact us at info@bootstobees.org or (304) 506-7181 to book your visit now.

    We make pollination exciting!

    To purchase our bee-related educational materials please visit our Boots to Bees store.  
    Additional materials by illustrator Delia Wach are available